We are pleased to welcome you to the XLVI Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Immunology will be held at Escola de Medicina and Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde (ICVS), a member of the ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory, at the University of Minho, on 20-22 May 2020.

This year’s scientific program will address the “Current challenges and emerging topics in immunology” and is organized around four thematic sessions: Tumor Immunology; Infection and Immunity; Mucosal immunity and Immune development.

The XLVI Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Immunology brings together leading academic scientists, researchers, clinicians and postdoctoral fellows and students providing them with the opportunity to report, share and discuss scientific questions. It will encompass the most recent achievements, innovations, trends, concerns, as well as the challenges in the field of Immunology.

This year we will also host a satellite meeting of the Sociedade Ibérica de Citometría (SIC).

We will give our best to make the Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society a memorable scientific and social event!

We are looking forward to your active participation in this attractive meeting.


Agostinho Carvalho
António Gil Castro
Egídio Torrado
Jorge Pedrosa
Ricardo Silvestre
Natacha Gonçalves Sousa

Invited Speakers

Allan Mowat

University of Glasgow, UK

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David Finlay

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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David Tobin

Duke University School of Medicine, USA
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Joachim Schultze

University of Bonn, Germany
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Andrea Cooper

University of Leicester, UK

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João Taborda Barata

Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes, Portugal
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Nuno Alves

I3S-Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, Portugal
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Petra Bacher

Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Germany
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Ana Alho

Hospital de Santa Maria, Portugal

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Roundtable/Q&A Session with the editors

Ioana Visan

Senior Editor | Nature Immunology

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Applications of Flow Cytometry in Immune monitoring

The Iberian Flow Cytometry Society (Sociedade Ibérica de Citometria – SIC) organizes Intercalary Meetings in between their Biannual Congresses, addressing particular themes to be updated in these smaller reunions.

Thus, in 2020, SIC decided to associate with the Portuguese Immunology Society (SPI), and to host a Workshop on the Applications of Flow Cytometry in Immune monitoring in the XLVI Annual Meeting of SPI.

This important scientific event, to be held in the splendid city of Braga in the North of Portugal, represents a new milestone for SIC, in its aim to congregate Iberian cytometrists.

In fact, recognizing the growing challenges for Flow Cytometry in the unraveled fields of Immunology, brought by the advances of technology along with the development of an all-new world of immunotherapies and immunomodulators, we believe this is a particular moment to promote interactions, and strength connections, at the Iberian Peninsula and all around the world.

For that purpose, the SIC Workshop at the XLVI Annual Meeting of SPI aims to bring a panoramic view of modern cytometry, exploring some of its most recent advances as a fantastic tool for the monitorization of the Immune System.

The SIC Board counts on your presence and we hope all participants may have a productive and pleasant time in Braga, next May.

Invited Speakers

Alberto Orfão

Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

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Mirjam van der Burg

Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

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Cristina Teodósio

Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

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Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde (ICVS)
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Universidade do Minho

Instituto de Investigação em Ciências da Vida e Saúde (ICVS)
Campus de Gualtar | 4710-057 Braga | Portugal






(Deadline: 10th April)


(11th April – 11th May)


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Local Organizer

Natacha Gonçalves Sousa