The IUIS has agreed to be the official sponsor of the new on-line, open access journal entitled “Frontiers in Immunology”. To visit the web site and check out the editorial boards go to:

Frontiers in Immunology is not only a single journal. It will be comprised of >20 distinct journals, each with it’s own Chief Editor, and an editorial board of > 10 Associate Editors, and ~ 200 Review Editors. Thus Frontiers has a broad base, so as to involve many people in the reviewing process, thereby reducing to a minimum each individual’s contribution/time commitment. By providing free access to see all material, Frontiers in Immunology will help the whole immunological community all around the world to access the latest information in immunology. While maintaining high quality, it will also be a global journal where all immunologists can contribute with their best research results.

Furthermore, Frontiers in Immunology is not only a collection journals but provides a contact arena for all immunologists and a platform for networking within IUIS. We hope that you will embrace this new opportunity for publishing and to establish a new ‘social network’ of like-minded colleagues, one for the 21st century!  For IUIS Frontiers in Immunology will be a new way of distributing information.

Covered disciplines include:

1) Secondary Immunodeficiencies (HIV)

2) Alloimmunity (Transplantation)

3) Tumor Immunity

4) Molecular NK cell Biology

5) Molecular Cytolytic & Apoptosis Mechanisms

6) Immunotherapy & Vaccines